Joshua, book of

Joshua, book of
The sixth book in the OT. It describes the occupation of the Promised Land under Joshua, Moses' successor. Although in Jewish tradition the book belongs to the Former Prophets, the historical and theological links are with Deuteronomy [[➝ Deuteronomy, book of]]. It is a collection of diverse material probably edited by the Deuteronomic school during the Exile in Babylon and cannot be considered a reliable historical narrative. For example, the reported capture of Jericho (Josh. 6) has no support from the archaeological investigations of Kathleen Kenyon in 1952–8. The views of this school are impressed upon the narrative: the land was a gift from Yahweh and, so long as the people were faithful to the covenant, they would retain it. But there must be no religious syncretism with Canaanite cults; the existing inhabitants were to be annihilated (Josh. 11:20), though in fact they were not totally destroyed (Judg. 3:1). Much of the book details the arrangement for the distribution of land amongst the tribes. It emphasizes the importance of the tribal structure and of the family within the tribe.

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